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First Impressions  - Your Personal Image matters!

Global Image consultations, training & communication tools too!

How would you like to ? ....


  1. Look better.

  2. Dress for Success.

  3. Feel more confident.

  4. Create more impact.

  5. Have greater presence.

  6. Know what suits you best.

  7. Be a better Communicator.

  8. Use Body Language wisely.

  9. Use colour & style more effectively.

 10. Have your own, personal, Image Consultant?


Your impression is made in just 60 seconds!..

by your viewer & listener! - Knowing Personal Image skills & analysis of your Appearance, Body Language & Communication, by Image Professional, Anita Poole, can help you get that impression improved!


You can find out more about our tailored-to-you, Personal Image, People Branding & Consultations

HERE & contact Dr Anita Poole 


Get your free Personal Image introduction!





"Lovely image session,  welcoming and relaxing.  Felt very comfortable and at ease during Anita’s image consultation. Very informative. I learnt a lot.

I gained more input and depth from Anita’s image consultation than I ever expected. Anita produced my very own personal image manual, very good for reference and referral.  I would definitely recommend an image consultation with Anita Poole.  I’m very pleased with Anita’s total image package and the outcome.  I’m giving careful thought about my appearance and body language every day. Thankyou very much."  (Victor)





Anita Poole global Personal Image Consultant
 Consultations & Training
  • Your impression counts!

  • Colour & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Personality,

  • Grooming, Make Up & Personal Shopping

  • Interviews, Weddings & Special Occasions

  • Body Language & Etiquette

  • Communication Skills

  • For Social, Business, Career & Leisure!

  • Click HERE for Anita's Image Services


  • Watch Anita's First Impressions video HERE


  • More details see


Contact Anita Poole for prices & bookings.

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