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Watch the Videos - Then buy our high quality, unique, T.E.N Nutritional Supplements

with better absorption! .... that could pay you!

  T.E.N Vitamin & Oral Sprays 

TRIM Weight Management Drink

Do you suffer from?

  Stress, Low mood, Poor sleep, 

  Overweight, Low energy, Poor health,

  Deficiencies, Inflammation,

Toxic overload,  Wellbeing issues? 


Would you like better performance? 


Team Effort Network Sprays & Drinks

EITHER - Get individual Products ,or packs, at Customer non-member prices below!

OR - Enrol for T.E.N packs, at cheaper Member's price! ... And optional Income!



1 spray tube, or 1 drink box, lasts 1 month, if taken at the dose on the label



Buy Slim by TEN
Buy D Power D3 spray
Buy Cell Energy
Buy B Boost vitamin B12 B6 B3 spray
Buy SuperTEN ionic mineral spray
D Power Spray
Includes vitamins D3 + E.
SuperTEN Spray

Aloe Vera, Maqui Berry, Goji Berry, Acai Berry, 5HTP, minerals, Astanxanthin, Phosphatidyl Choline & Phosphatidyl Serine.


Cell Energy Spray
Includes powerful antioxidants glutathione, resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid & natural caffeine.
Includes Green Coffee Extract, African Mango, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract, Caralluma Fimbriata.
TRIMbyTEN fibre drink
Includes TAG exclusive proprietary blend of ancient nutrient grains,  quinoa, amaranth, stablized rice bran, prebiotic chicory inulin, raspberry ketones & garcinia cambogia weight loss management.
*SAVE $10 dollars (approx £5 pounds)
B Boost Spray
Includes vitamins B12, B6 + B3.
Buy TEN Vitamin Sprays
Buy TEN Sprays Vitamins
Purchase TEN oral Sprays
10 Pack of T.E.N Oral Sprays
includes 2 SlimByTen + 2 Cell Energy
+ 2 DPower + 2 BBoost + 2 SuperTEN
spray tubes
(* 2 tubes each spray product)
*SAVE $50 dollars (approx £35 pounds)
5 Pack of T.E.N Oral Sprays
includes 1 SlimByTen
+ 1 Cell Energy + 1 DPower
+ 1 BBoost + 1 SuperTEN
spray tubes
(* 1 tube each spray product)
*SAVE $15 dollars (approx £10)
4 Pack of T.E.N Oral Sprays
Includes 1 Cell Energy
+ 1 DPower + 1 BBoost
+ 1 SuperTEN spray tubes.
(* no SlimByTEN)
*SAVE $10 dollars (approx £5)
1 TRIM + SLIM Pack
includes 1 box of TRIMbyTEN
(30 sachets) + 1 SlimByTen oral spray tube
(* 1 drink box + 1 spray tube of each weight management product)
*SAVE $15 dollars (approx £10 pounds)
Individual Sachets of TRIMbyTEN drink
Choose from packs of 1, 5, 10, or 15 Individual SACHETS of TRIM by TEN drink
to mix with water
1 TRIMbyTEN Sachet
5 TRIMbyTEN Sachets
10 TRIMbyTEN Sachets
15 TRIMbyTEN Sachets
Or get 30 TRIMbyTEN Sachets in a 1 box!
*SAVE $10 dollars (approx £5 pounds)
Hooray Kids Spray!
Multivitamins Children's Spray to be released!
Coming soon!
*NEW! - Sample only
Hooray childrens multivitamin Spray
For special offers, discounts & large orders, contact Dr Anita Poole today!

T.E.N Sprays opening in USA, UK, Dubai, UAE, Puerto Rico, Japan, Malaysia, Australia & New Zealand – Other Countries too!

Just ask us! - Delivery usually 1-2 weeks, from stock - Please allow up to 28 days for delivery (if restocking required).

Feel free to call Anita Poole.

Or become a Member, for cheaper, regular TEN oral Sprays & THW Weight Management TRIMbyTEN drink Solution





Here's some Membership options

Join Team Effort Network use 317516 code
Buy Team Effort Network Basic or Diamond TEN Pack use 317516 code
Buy Team Effort Network Platinum Upgrade TEN Pack use 317516 code
Buy Team Effort Network THW Solution Pack use 317516 code
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