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We are passionate about helping people reach their potential and improve their lives, enabling them to reach their goals and dreams. We help with the vehicles to do this. All you have to do is drive in the direction you set!


Simply TEN Spray!!! – That’s the way! .... Our natural, T.E.N nutritional oral Sprays are a much better way of taking supplements, for health, wellbeing & performance. They taste great, easy to take, better absorbed by being sprayed on your mouth mucosa lining (which is rich in blood capillaries). So T.E.N high quality, natural ingredients go into the blood stream easily, get carried to cells, tissues & organs where they are needed and wanted. This is a far more effective absorption method (~ 90% absorption rate) compared to pills, tablets, capsules etc (only ~ 10% absorption) …as per Physicians Desk Reference.


So if you are still swallowing tablets, it’s less effective & wastes money! Pills commonly have unnatural fillers, binders & substances that the body doesn’t want, need or recognise........ Whereas, our T.E.N sprays don’t need binders! And our TRIM by TEN drink containing natural grain fibre, prebiotics and packed with nutrients, all compliment our T.E.N Slimming & Vitamin Sprays. TRIMbyTEN soluble & insoluble natural nutritional fibre (unique TAG ancient grains) are delivered directly to the digestive system where it's needed, working synergistically with our TEN sprays too! ..... And can give people optional income to make it pay for itself or an unlimited profit centre!


And we have access to brandable MVT video tools to help you communicate, train & promote effectively & personally worldwide! Opportunities don't get better than with Team Effort International & Dr Anita Poole – We invite you to try our products, or join us for a free taster event, or become a member to get our products at cheaper member prices!


And if you want to maximize your First Impressions & Impact, I can help you with that too!


I very much look forward to hearing from you & welcoming you to our global family!


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Dr Anita Poole

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