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Anita Poole - Global Success - Independent distributor - Team Effort International

Team Effort International Owners
Team Effort Network + MyVideoTalk

Team Effort International is a 12 year established, Global Direct Selling Company, with great success bringing unique, visionary products to a global market, by referral marketing .... giving everyone the chance to make unlimited income! ... by sharing cutting-edge, exciting products, that make a difference to people's lives .... and are highly desirable, tapping into huge trends .... giving the ordinary part-time, inexperienced person, up to the top full time, professional businessman or network marketer, the opportunity to make their dreams and goals turn into reality ...... as part of our Global Team. 


Founded in 2002, by experienced hard working marketers, Mel & Amie Gill, Team Effort International (T.E.I), is a privately held, debt-free company with its international Headquaters in a prestigious Business Park in San Ramon, California. Always steps ahead, T.E.I brought out customizable, brandable online video tools, even when video was in it's infancy. Upgrading our 1st division tools (MyVideoTalk) including video email, video conferencing, video channels & broadcasting, T.E.I spread around the USA, Asia & Europe very well, making over 20 millionaires! ... and helping people gain income, new homes, luxury cars, holidays, educate their children, help their family & friends, and raise funds for charity and their community.


I've had the pleasure of knowing Mel & Amie Gill, CEO & Owners for several years. This is an extraordinary Company, Opportunity & Products. Committed to making a difference to people & communities, now we are rolling! Our recently launched 2nd division (Team Effort Network), has made great impact in the Health, Wellness & Direct Sales Industries (worth billions of dollars). Simple natural, oral T.E.N supplement Sprays are changing how people take their vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, weight management, nutrition, prebiotics & digestive fibre too! ....with natural, high quality, exclusive blends that can besprayed in the mouth & easily mixed with water .... a tasty wellbeing & weight management solution that works! .... and the world needs, as it struggles to cope with increasing obese & overweight world population, that also suffers from associated disorders (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis & inflammation) ..... with people leading sedentary, stressed, indoor lives, unfortunately on sugary, fast food, less nutritious, processed food & toxins from additives, preservatives, processing & pesticides. With a medical background and holistic interest, I know daily that the potential of this Company and these nutritional supplements is incredible!


Team Effort Network (T.E.N.) has a mission and vision of changing how the world takes nutritional supplements. The company and its revolutionary line of products are part of a paradigm shift in 3 of the fastest growing industries on the planet. .... Health & Wellness ... and Direct Sales! .... with an infrastructure of global online Video Communication tools as well ! .... It's a marketer's dream! .... New high demand products, great established Company & Owners, superior Compensation Plan & wonderful timing! .... set to go $50 million sales on just 1 new product .... and we have multiple exciting, new, unique products, opportunities & ways of earning income!


With hundreds of millions of people who don't like, or cannot, swallow vitamin pills, tablets or capsules .... and low absorption rates of pills, capsules & tablets, with unnatural fillers, binders & chemicals those methods use ....there's a huge market demand waiting to hear about our T.E.N. Oral Supplement Health Sprays! The T.E.N. Sprays are more convenient, easier to use, taste great, have more effective delivery system and are just SIMPLY COOL !!

So enjoy a tour of my site ... feel free to message me, or sign up for email news ....Contact me to find out how we can help you & your family soon!.

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